Twitter is an excellent communication tool that enables you to build relevant business strategies for your business. With its short messages, supported with links, photos or videos, you can create a great community. Twitter is one of the most fastest social media where followers are engaged and actively participate by retweeting.
So let’s take a look at the reasons why you should ABSOLUTELY use Twitter for your business.

A monitoring tool

Twitter’s primary function is to communicate and interact in real time with your followers but you can also consider it as a source of information to keep you up to date of all the latest news, trends and what’s happening on the web.
So if you choose to follow your competitors of the industry you’re interested in, you will be kept informed in real time of each of their moves.
You can also follow specific hashtags and thus, easily receive all the information you need. Twitter search is a great feature as well to start a strategic monitoring on a specific topic.

Increase your website traffic

There are several ways to generate traffic to your website with a tweet.You can put links in your bio, that refers to an article from your blog or website, which will drive your followers to your website. If you’re often sharing new and engaging content, people will see you as a great source of information and thus will become regular readers of your content.

Going viral on Twitter

Twitter gives you the opportunity to express yourself freely and to spread your information. When Tweeting, you should optimize your posts with links, appropriate hashtags, photos and videos. You will, then, get more and more followers, go viral and even create a buzz .

Manage your online reputation

Whether your company is on Twitter or not, your customers, your competitors will talk about you at some point.
While you have no control over these talks, you can still change how they see you by participating in these conversations.
For example, the lack of reaction to criticism from a unhappy customer would have a negative impact on your company’s image and reputation. Twitter will allow you to quickly respond to it and at the same time give you the opportunity to show that you are listening to your customers and that you are coming up with solutions to their problems.

A way to interact with your audience

On Twitter, you can inform about your products or services but it’s provides you, also, another way to engage, interact and discover your followers/clients – their preferences, what they like, dislike and their thoughts about you and even resolve their problems. If you are a small business, Twitter represents an excellent opportunity to find potential new customers.
Having your customers’ feedback is crucial for your business to build up a better social media marketing strategy with in order to improve, expand and make your brand more successful.

A customer support

On Twitter, everything happens in quickly and in real time, so having an account on this platform i an excellent advantage to handle customer support.
Indeed, you can to track what people are referring to your brand and if you run across negative responses or opinions from clients, you can fix it quickly to not let the situation becoming worse.

Share your events

When you organize an event, do not hesitate to do a Live Tweet. This allows everyone to participate remotely in real time. Your communication will be more dynamic. You can chat live with your followers and reply individually to each of them.

Meeting influencers who will make promote your business

Everyone is accessible on twitter, you can contact anyone you want. So it’s a great way to build relationship with leaders who have influence in your industry – influencers or journalists. You should begin engaging with them by curating their content, citing and retweet them in your posts. If you create a connection through Twitter they will make you look good and make your audience even bigger.


So, to conclude, Twitter is not a social media that you should set aside. It will definitely help you to boost your website traffic and generate leads. It will allow you to interact in real time with your audience but also to monitor your competitors and what your followers think about you.
After reading all these reasons, are you convinced ?