We're turning social marketing on its head.

Mixing smart tech and know-how.

A new concept designed to shake up the way marketing your business through social works for good.

We’re on a mission to create a simple, effective and fairly priced social marketing packages that are powered by new ideas and brilliant technology. A new approach that takes the hassle out of marketing your business through social media.

Everything we do is built around a 6 or 12 month strategy, all for a fixed price, we’ll take care of everything while you stay in control. Combining the know-how of an experienced social agency with smart tech, we make the process simple, transparent and affordable.

Social Media Marketing

What’s included ?

Social Advices

You have access to a personalized adviser that can answer to your question by email or phone when you want. A forum is also available for you.

Social Media Posts

We offer you unlimited posts per month and unlimited access to social platform. We also advise you about the best social media strategy to adopt.


Pimsheep offers you content, image and video creation. We can add also a landing page and a lead collection.

*Setup fee – for free

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