As a company, you are most likely to have at least one account on social networks. If you have several, this is where the difficulties start. Most people create their profiles or pages but fail to manage their publications.
So the need for effective social media management (SMM) tools – that allow you to easily manage one or more profiles at the same time- is increasing. These tools can help you to schedule and supervise your captions/ posts from, most of the time, a single dashboard. In addition, they boost your traffic, likes and followers – all in one tools !

But you might wonder what are the best SMM tools ? We listed the top 10 most crucial social media management tools to guide you in making the right choice. Through this article, you’ll learn about different tools and their prices.


Buffer is a very good SMM that can helps you to set up a consistent planning of your posts for your different social media. You are able to easily schedule and add to the queue different contents like photos, videos, articles, even from your mobile. It’s also available as Chrome or Firefox extensions which allows you to get valuable information about the traffic generated on your content.
With Buffer Reply, you’ll be able to respond to conversations on your different platforms, answer customer requests and share an inbox with you team members for a better collaboration.
The last product is Buffer Analyze which, as the name suggests, allows you evaluate your performance, provides you reports and insights to improve yourself.

Buffer has several plans according to its different products (Publish, Analyze and Reply). All of them offer a free trial of 7 days to 14 days maximum.
For the “Publish” package, it starts from 15$/month to 99$/month. The “Reply” one to 50$ to 225$/month and “Analyze” has just one plan for 50$/month.

Buffer supports: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest. It also gives the opportunity to use Pablo, a tool to create your design even if you’re not a designer. It’s really easy to use and quickly to understand. Finally, it’s a big reference on the social media market, with Hootsuite.


With Buffer, it’s one of the most popular SMM tools. If you’re looking for commitment, good publishing features, relevant performance analysis and a tool to manage your campaigns, then Hootsuite is THE tool you need. Integrated into more than 25 networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube etc), it allows you to measure and follow the performance of your posts thanks to a dashboard. It enables you to plan messages and tweets, track conversations, manage an unlimited number of profiles and display Google Analytics.

But on its biggest strengths is to facilitate public engagement. Hootsuite utilizes numerous Streams instead of an ‘inbox’ to manage involvement. It’s possible to set up streams for each social media to monitor its own content. It facilitate also collaboration within a team. Indeed, on a single dashboard, anyone on your team, can respond quickly to messages, mentions and comments. You have the possibility to assign one specific person or a team.

Another Hootsuite useful feature is its ability to target your posts and share content with your clients based on your location, language and demographics, allowing you to reach and communicate with your online audience in an intelligent and efficient manner.

For each of its plans, Hootsuite offers a 30 days free trial in a first time. You can then switch to the professional account for 19$/month. If you are a team, you can use the «team» package at 99$/month to be able to delegate tasks directly on the dashboard.

Hootsuite can be a complex platform for young social media beginners and it can take little time to get used to it.


Sendible allows you to manage your messages and comments from networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. By using a single platform, Sendible makes it easy for you to manage your different online accounts. using a single platform.

This all-in-one tool is great for a marketer as it helps you create content and keep your editorial calendar active. You’ll be able to track each mentions of your company and even respond immediately to comments. Moreover, each message is analysed, highlighted according to their urgency, which enables you to prioritize important mentions and to process messages requiring an immediate response.

Like other Buffer and Hootsuite, Sensible allows you to communicate with your followers but also to follow, analyze and measure your campaigns’ performance. It provides detailed reports about the commitment of your audience and finally some automation tools such as automatic answer to messages on Twitter or Instagram for example.

Sendible prices vary depending on whether you subscribe for monthly or yearly package (with a discount of 15% for yearly subscription).Each plans are designed for one type of businesses, from entrepreneurs to startup and large companies.
Unlike Hootsuite, geographic keyword monitoring is not that accurate and if you intend to manage an account with a high volume of messages in real time, it might not be the best tool as it might take hours to appear.

4)Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another very effective SMM tool that has a publishing system to post your messages on social networks. You can plan them and it will redirect all messages to a single inbox so you can easily manage multiple profiles at the same time. 

You can also obtain analysis reports of your activities which are quite detailed as you can see the performance of your posts as well as the growth of your community and demographics. 

Besides, Sprout Social enables you to collaborate with all your team and assign tasks to the most appropriate team members.

Sprout Social offers 3 types of packages: Standard – 99$/month, Professional – 149$/month and Advanced – 249$/ month. “Standard” plan has all the basics features and allows you to manage up to 10 profils. In the “professional” one you can add 15 profils and have access to detailed reports. Finally, the “advanced” can have 20 profils and all Sprout features.
The main cons of this tool is the price that can represent huge amount of investment for some teams.


Agorapulse is the perfect tool if you’re aiming to listen to your followers and to build a real relationship with them. It collects all the incoming comments and messages on your different social media, rank the most important ones and it makes sure that you respond to them.

It also provides updates on your social content and uses a social media inbox.
In addition, you can receive custom reports with the details of your performance which are presented in Powerpoint.

Like Sendible prices vary if you choose monthly or yearly packages (with a 10% discount for yearly subscription). The medium plan already starts by allowing 2 users and 10 social media profiles but is quite expensive – 89$/ month. The rest of packages – Large, X-Large and Entreprise – are more adapted for agencies or bigger companies.

The main cons of Agorapulse is that it doesn’t support Google + and Pinterest and it can be quite complex for beginners.