Instagram has just announced the launch of a new app to its social network, allowing you to chat with your friends. Strongly inspired by Snapchat, Threads wants to offer more features than the current internal messaging on Instagram.

After putting in place “Restrict”, a filter to prevent online harassment on the platform, the social media announces “Threads”, a new messaging application linked to your Instagram account, and will allow you to chat in private with your friends.


First of all, this is a separate application, not a new feature in Instagram. Threads is a private messaging app and is intended to compete with Snapchat. Indeed, there is a strong focus on instant sharing of photos and filters, especially since the first element displayed in the app will be the camera.


Crédits : Instagram


Unlike on Direct – the private message feature into Instagram – Threads is a great place to connect with close friends or small closed groups. Many additional features will arrive compared to Direct, since it will be possible to share its location, and even the speed at which we move as well as the percentage of battery remaining on our smartphone. Threads will first be launched in test phase before being on application stores , no release date has been advanced.


The idea behind this new app is above all to bring to the social network a proper messaging system, like what Messenger represents for Facebook.

Nolwenn is a social media strategist, marketer and content creator at Pimsheep.