4 Essential Tips About How To ...

Youtube is a powerful social media although many companies avoid using it for several reasons. For the 18-34 age range this is the most used cable network. People spend their time to watch every month 6 billion hours of video. This score increases by 50% in one year according to the study of Mushroom Network. So Youtube offers many opportunities for your business that you need to know how to optimize it.

1. Target your audience

The statistics above show that you can reach a large part of customers as it is the second most popular search engine in the world. But even if you can reach all kind of audience, you can get easily lost. First you must analyze the habits of your potential customers: which kind of videos did they watch? We can distinguish clearly two types: educational (How to…, documentaries) or entertainment (humoristic videos…).

Extract of the top result Youtube search bar 

2. Succeed in conversion

A video is much more efficient to spread the word than a text. So you have to clearly establish a strategy. Your video must show a message and the values of your company. People now tend to prefer watching videos than reading texts. It is easier for the clients to be concentrated and to understand things when it is a video.

3. Don’t neglect SEO

SEO strategy is also really relevant to use on Youtube. The principle reminds the same as in other social media. You need to find relevant keyword tags linked to your business. Moreover, the title of your video must be relevant and easy to find for the user. Your description should also use as many keywords as possible. One of the main metrics for Youtube is the number of time users spend on a video. Your viewers should not only open your video and closed it immediately, you must try that they remind here. Do not ignore your engagement with the users. It is important that users also comment, like or share your videos. Do not forget to add a CTA to your website. It is a link that you insert on your video under a graphic form (it can be a button, a banner…).

4. Manage your Youtube channel with tools

Many companies think they need too many budgets and capabilities to open a Youtube Channel. In fact it is more easy to use than it looks. With new smartphones you can shoot good quality videos without professional equipment. Many software like Vyond will help you to edit your video. You can manage this social media thanks to Hootsuite which will also provide you statistics. The topics of your video can at the beginning be quite simple such as presenting your business, your product and how to use it…

These tips show you how important it is for your business to use Youtube and how to use it.

At What Time to Post On Facebo...

“At what time can I get more likes on my Instagram post?”. Whatever you are on your personal or on your company account, we have already all asked ourselves this question. This is clearly relevant when you have a company and you want to target potential customers. Many parameters must be taken into account that we will discuss about. We gathered these data thanks to Hootsuite.

The seasonality of your sector

Your post will not have the same impact following the period of the year. For example, in the E commerce, the pic of your audience should be during sales time or Christmas. If you are a services company, you can bounce your audience topics off.

The profile of your audience

Above all, the best strategy is to target your audience. First which type of company are you: B2B or B2C? If you are a B2C company, you must also know the profile and thelifestyle of your potential customers. For example if you want to target a teenager or a young mother, you would neither publish the same post nor at the same hour. Thus a teenager will be more available after school while a businesswoman and man will be during the morning. It also depends on the location of your audience. For example, If your potential clients live in different time zone, it can be interesting to choose an intermediate hour that could fit with both destinations.

Best time on Linkedin

Linkedin offered analytics on its app to study your post performance. As it is a professional social media, your pic of audience is evaluated during work time. Monday and Wednesday are the most effective days and on the contrary Sunday is the worst one. In the same time, publishing in the morning seems the best strategy to adopt.

Best time on Facebook

As Facebook is the most popular social media and can target a large variety of profiles, this is also one of the social networks where it is the most difficult to distinguish itself. You could think, as it is an entertainment media, that you have more opportunities on weekends. In fact, it is not the case. The most optimized period seems during lunch break between Wednesday and Friday.

Best time on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most attractive social media. Today especially in the retail sector, it is absolutely necessary for a company to have an account. Best time to post on this social media appears between 12pm and 7pm during all the days of the week, except Sunday. Instagram is the most difficult social network to analyze as it presents many opportunities. It is really important for this media to also think in term of sectors. For example, pictures related to food will have a pic of audience around midday.

Best time on Twitter

Twitter is a huge source of opportunity as you can directly interact with your audience and provide consumer services. Also you must be very reactive as a tweet disappears very quickly from top results. A pic of audience appears on Tuesday and is very high in the morning especially around 10am.

Compare with your best competitors

It can be interesting to analyze the strategies of successful competitors. They have often sophisticated analytics tools that allow them to choose the most effective schedule. You can get inspiration and for example choose a slightly time lag. Thus, you could avoid strong competitors.

This article shows you that the best opportunities on social media are not necessary what we could think. For example, Saturday or in the evening when people are not working, are not really the most effective hours. It is also the period of time where the competition is the highest.

Design The Perfect Call To Act...

Have you already seen a button at the end of an article or of a website page saying “subscribe here”? It is used to attract visitors to do a precise action: for example, subscribe to a newsletter, to an offer or a link towards a contact form. Some methods must be followed to convert a visitor into a prospect. Indeed this can be a good way to collect data about potential customers.

1. Find the good format

It can be a button or a banner with texts on it… You have multiple choices, but you must think what is the most relevant for your audience. You should ask the question: Would it be more catchy if you put this banner at this place? You should not put too many CTA so visitors do not get lost. It must not be also too big so that it does not seem aggressive.

For example on the Pimsheep landing page, you can see two different types of CTA : a fixed one in the middle and an animated button on one side.

2. Find the position of your CTA

Your CTA can be static or on the contrary animated. It can be a static bar that is rooted on the website or an animated one that appears on the side of your page. The purpose is to catch the attention of your visitors. You can also animate your CTA, for example once you click on the Pimclick button, a chatbot appeared so the visitor can interact. It is important to adapt your CTAs to all your profile of audience. Also it must be available on mobile phone as today 60% of the traffic is on this device.

3. Text or image?

Studies show that the conversion rate is weaker for a CTA image than for a text or a button. It can be relevant if you want to show your product. You can add an animation so that the visitor understand that it is a CTA.

4. Personalize your Text

Your text can be totally explicit and clear for the user: “Click here”. Or, it can describe an action “try a Demo”, “Download here”.
It is important to conjugate your verb at the imperative form
If your CTA represents an occasional event such as sales, you can play on the urgency: “-50% until XX” or “Only two models left”.
You can also personalize your website depending on users’ location, the gender or following the way your audience enter the page.
Another idea is to create a catchy sentence that will surprise and attract the curiosity of your visitor.

These tips can help you to design the best CTA, you just have to add a bit of your imagination now.

3 Reasons Why Your Small Busin...

Whatever it is, one thing is sure: not taking advantage of social media is a huge loss for smaller companies.

Despite the fact that it’s been proven by numerous studies, you will still find small business owners that are not using the power of social media. Indeed, almost 30% companies do not use them. The profile of those firms is SME. 

But here are the significant reasons why you, as a small business, you should use social media. 

For your business visibility 

Many entrepreneurs think that only the perfect product or services matter to succeed. In fact, you also must think in your business plan about a strategy to attract your customers. Otherwise, your company will fail. You must look after your potential clients. This is why you must implement a social media strategy. It is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your visibility. This “Inbound marketing” consists in publishing content so that more visitors go to your website and increase your visibility, especially on the google search bar. 

You must present the services and values of your company. This strategy is also applied by large corporate. For example, Dove is very famous for its campaign #Realbeauty. It promotes beauty whatever your body and reach the 70% of women that did not feel represented in advertising. Dove was a pioneer for self esteem and no retouch photographies. The brand called Ogilvy, an advertising agency to achieve the campaign. They spent a huge budget but they were elected as one of the best ads in the world and it increased their profits by $3B in three years.

Credit to Dove's Real Beauty Campaign

You do not have to spend a huge budget but you can ask for community and social media management services that fit with your budget and advisers that help you to find the best strategy for your company. 

It creates engagement

Your presence on social media will make you gain trust among potential clients. If you nurture a link between your audience and your brand by commenting, liking, answering to questions, sharing content, you will have a better engagement rate. If you show that, behind your company, there are humanity and values, it will boost your sales. 

Studies also show that it is harder for a brand to gain a new client than keeping a current one. So it is relevant to prioritize and manage your clients’ engagement. 

Increase your website traffic and sales 

You should prefer the quality over the quantity of your content. Patience is the key of success because you must nurture your audience before you succeed in transforming it into clients. 

You should study the different opportunities that offer social media. For example, Instagram is the most effective social network to boost your traffic. Instagram has a traffic growth increasing by 114% per year (from leading social networks to US websites) while it has only improved by 9% on Facebook. 

So in e-commerce, Instagram seems to have more opportunities for your business. Indeed, in this social media, you can add tags on your pictures that are directly link to a product in your website. It represents a source of information for the client. Once trust is acquired you will convert it into sales. 


Today, the competition is so big that you need to take every opportunity into account. Social Media is one of the key for success so you should not neglect it. 

5 Essential Tips to generate L...

Have you already received a cold message on LinkedIn from a vague contact that looks like more a spam to you? You have here the perfect example of Don’t to prospect on LinkedIn. So what are the solutions to generate leads?

1. Target your audience

LinkedIn has a huge resource of executives with 590 million users. Moreover the social media provides detailed information about the person’s background but also about a company or a job advertisement. The coding system of LinkedIn also allows you to maximize your research and to offer you a concrete content and contacts with common factors. A lead is an established contact that could be transformed into a potential client. But it can be difficult to create a real commitment with your audience and you can often be disappointed by your return on investment. You must be active and develop a true marketing strategy to generate leads. Many business developers think they must gain as many connections as possible by adding people without checking if it has an interest. So you must target particular prospects to generate more leads.

2.Use tools for research

Once you have targeted the profile of your audience, you can use the LinkedIn search features. It represents a great opportunity as you can select different criteria. For a person, you can choose the name of his company, his location, his job and see shared connections. For a company, you can search by sectors or following the employees working here.

Added to this tool, you can also use the LinkedIn sale navigator which was especially created for sales teams. With this tool you can add your list of leads and use further research filters. LinkedIn also provides you prospects’ suggestions, a dashboard of your deals and news.

3. Optimize your profile and content

Your LinkedIn page must appear credible for your contacts. It is important to provide a maximum of information about your activity. Your account must also be active. It is relevant to create content, articles that answer the questions and issues of your audience. Your content can show the different events in which you were involved. Do not hesitate to engage with your contacts. For example, you can like, comment or share similar posts of your contact. In your post, you can tag recommended people to attract more leads.

4. Create and maintain a relationship with your leads.

When you meet a new potential client, instead of giving a visit card that has huge chance to get lost, you can give your linkedin QR code of the app. It is the icon on the right of the search features.

Once you have a connection with him you can try to contact him. Too often people send to their leads an informal message which is only a copy paste addressed to thousands of them. It has no interest to send an email immediately after a connection established. On the contrary, you should personalize your message. For example, you can begin it such as : “Hello (Name), I saw that you are working at (Name of the company)”. Once the client has answered, you need to evaluate if he is ready or not for a meeting. Do not relaunch too frequently, no more than twice a year.

5. Use sponsored content and inMail

Sponsored content is posts that appear on the news feed of the user, without being connected to the author. LinkedIn has expanded the functionality to mail. This option can send to a targeted audience a personalized message. For example, you can send them invitation for an event or a sales promotion.


These advices represent a basic and easy method to generate Leads. It is the most optimized way to gain clients so now let’s try it!

How can Instagram help you to ...

Instagram has currently a growth superior to Facebook. This social network represents a great opportunity for business as 71% of companies are already using it whatever their sectors. It is important to acquire some tips to maximize your visibility.

Create a certified professional account for more credibility

It allows to have access to insights about your account performance and statistics. For example, you can see data on your audience or graphics about your popularity. But on the other side, you must make public your phone number, email and address.

Create engagement with the users

Engagement is the key of the relationship with the users. It means that your brand is capable of interacting with the social media members through for example likes, comments or share. This variable can be taken into account by the social media since Instagram does not show publication on your news feed chronologically but following the engagement rate. For example, you can repost publication from the users of your brand, ask or answer questions to your subscribers. The purpose is to create a close relationship to involve the users. You can also create a hashtag with a motto that people could subscribe.

Present the real identity and values of your business

Your account must reflect the story and values of your brand. You should prefer the quality of your publication instead of the quantity. Each publication must be an exclusive content. Ideally you should publish once per day. Be careful of the aesthetic of your account: a high quality of picture is absolutely necessary. You can also define the theme and the tone of your filter. You can also follow, comment and share similar business and contents to increase your visibility. People could share publication with your services or products.

Share your news

Instagram helps you to inform your clients of your company’s different events such as sales period for example. It is important to take care of the content: we are not talking about a newsletter here. Posting stories is a good way to transcribe your event in live or not, with an attractive way. You can more easily show who you are and what you are doing through this way. You will also look more accessible to your subscribers.

Sponsored Publication

You can buy sponsored publication (appearing on a news feed) or a sponsored story. You can schedule at which hour it will be published and target a specific audience (following its age or its location). The prices are based on a bidding system in CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per one thousand of impression).
Better than a collaboration with another brand, you can call on an influencer. This person will publish a sponsored publication on his account and your services will appear to a wide audience with a direct link to your account. Be careful to choose an influencer which fits with your brand identity.

These tips will help you to find the right combination, it is your turn to create your account!

The end of Autoplay video?

Have you already seen on your Iphone the statistics of your screen time? You will be certainly chocked by the results and especially when you will realize that scrolling social networks represents your main screen time. To avoid this addictive behavior, the Senate in the US wants to ban autoplay video on social media. The UK is also following it. More generally are we facing the end of autoplay video?


How Policy-driven restrict autoplay video on social network?

On July 30, the Republican US Senator Josh Hawley offers a bill called The Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act to forbid autoplay video and infinite scroll on social platform. Social media refer here to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. This bill was taken after many controversies about the compulsive behaviors of social media’s users. Indeed, the screen time keeps increasing. Top managing teams of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have even admitted that they did not use on a private sphere their social media because of the existing risks. This bill points at the fact that these technologies have strongly decrypted the human psychology to exploit their loopholes. Autoplay video consists to launch a video without the agreement of the user. Following the collected data of the visitor, Facebook prepares a playlist of videos that will scroll automatically after one video finished. The purpose is to improve the engagement of the user meaning that he stays as long as possible on the social network. By studying human psychologies, these platforms know how to attract him. Thus, this bill wants to prevent abusive behaviors by limited these technologies. This could give ideas to other countries and extend this law.


But what about autoplay ads videos?

However, this bill leaves apart advertising video content. Over the last decades, ads videos have flourished all over the internet. This has been the best technology to increase the revenue of advertisers by 20% to 50%. Even if the user is generally annoyed by these ads, it is still the most relevant method. Advertising Autoplay is when video ads are launched automatically. In May 2018, Google Chrome banned autoplay video with sounds on. Ads with sounds on were used to attract visitors towards the ad visual or as a signal. This shows that change are happening commonly. So social media have to evolve. For example, Instagram turns the sound of an ad on only if the user clicks on the video. Moreover, ads videos are still a huge source of revenue for social media which represented $6.81 billion in 2018.

How to re think new sizes of videos?

Autoplay videos are not ready to disappear at least for ads. But the perspectives could be reduced, so advertisers should already think of their evolution. First, ever more countries are in favor of a limitation of autoplay videos. For example, the US bill wants to constraint social media to a neutral presentation of the video. The button “delete this video” should be highlighted in the same way as the button “play”. Also even if it remains the most attractive ads technology, consumers become less and less receptive to autoplay video. So agencies need to think about a more targeted and catchy content. For example, some advertisers privilege Gifs size which are short animated content. It tends to be very trendy among millennials and could differ from ads competitors.

So even if the spread of autoplay video seems limited, there is still a huge opportunity for video content that you need to follow. In fact in 2020, 80% of the screen time will be on video content, so press play!