For those who don’t know Pinterest, it can be summarized as a social network that allows you to pin inspiring ideas and images in a board.
This easy and simple social media can have a huge impact on your business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a craftsman or a head of a company, it is essential to choose the right social media to communicate. Many choose Facebook, Instagram or Twitter while other social media may be more relevant and effective. Pinterest, often set aside, can be the right choice to make.

Here are 6 reasons why you should integrate Pinterest in your social media strategy.

1- A great way to highlight your products

Pinterest’s concept is to pin images. If your aiming to show your products or services, this is a social media made for you!
As the links to your products or services are displayed as images, you can highlight your products very easily and in an aesthetic way. Whether you are a sports coach, a designer, architect, or any other profession that can be highlighted visually, it may be interesting for you to use Pinterest. Even if your are working in B2B , you can also use it by putting your services via infographics for example.

This platform can also be a productive method to initiate brand performance. You can show and teach your customers how to use your products or services. Often written or video instruction manual are boring and everybody ignore them. Pinterest offers you the opportunity to provide product training in an enjoyable and educational way that your customers will appreciate to see.

2. Improves your SEO & drives traffic

On Pinterest, each pin has a title and a description. To optimize this, you can insert hashtags, inspired by the keywords offered by the social media.

So this improves the chances for your images to be found by your target audience. Especially since Pinterest is based on sharing content, your pin has a longer lifespan than a message on other social media like Twitter or Facebook.

With each new pin, you get a link to your website. Thanks to these backlinks, your website receives organic traffic, which leads to a better referencing on search engines. Eventually, these pins will continue to generate traffic on your website automatically and thus increase your leads and sales.

3. Pinterest users are willing to buy your products

Users are coming on Pinterest in order to find inspiration, ideas and discover new products, new brands thanks to promoted pins. So they are already in a purchasing perspective.

Thanks to the “shop the look” feature, you can indicate exactly where the product is in the image. A point is then displayed, which allows users to either be redirected to the product page on your website, or then directly to buy via Pinterest. It’s a really efficient shopping feature to increase your sales.

4. Stay up to date about your competitors

Thanks to its various features, Pinterest is also a great curation tool. Once you have created your account, you can subscribe to other users’ accounts. Then can see their images pinned, and re-spin them to your own board. Using Pinterest for your business is therefore also a good way to perform competitive intelligence. In this way, you stay informed about your competitors and your expertise field’s latest trends.

You can invite your team members to join you on a collaborative board. This way, you can benefit from each other findings. If you want your work to be shared only with the users you choose, you can also choose a board in “secret mode”.

5. Stay up to date about your audience

You can see your competitors but also your followers, and so discover what they like.
Pinterest is a good social media to explore latest trends, to find what users share and use this information to rank your products.. To know more about your followers and what influence them, you can simply follow them.

6. Time saving

One of Pinterest biggest advantage, is that all your actions can be automated. From pins to board creation, everything can be done automatic thanks to 2 plugins, really easy to use, called Tailwind and Boardbooster. They can help you save your time if you’re aiming to develop your activity on this social media.


That are 6 good reasons for using Pinterest. This social media is not to be set aside. For some activities, this may even be the most relevant choice. It offers you the opportunity to boost your ROI, drive traffic, leads and sales.