Instagram Stories allows users to create pictures and video that disappears after 24 hours. You might think at first that this is useless and unworthy to spend times on this tool. But, it’s more than 500 millions of user per day makes it one of the most popular social media features in the world. Knowing that 80% of instagramers follow brands, it’s an opportunity you must seized.

The ability to post a wide range of content

Instagram Stories gives you the freedom to create various content. You can literally post whatever you would like, without needing to be worried about spoiling your Instagram feed. Unlike pictures you post to a regular Instagram profile, people you post to a Story can be decorated using drawings, emojis and text ; making your content more eye catching or in accordance with your branding. You can also tag people on Instagram Stories by putting a @ symbol in front of users’ names from the article description or comments.
Do you want to present your new product or service? Do you want to provide your followers a behind-the-scenes of your office ? Announcing the winner of one’s social networking competition? From promotional photos and videos to more fun or serious content, everything is possible. So what are you waiting for ? Let your imagination run wild and create !

Boost your visibility and your audience

Being an organization, your main concern should be searching for new ways to increase your visibility and your audience. Growing brand awareness is one of Instagram’s major strengths.
Stories appear on both the home page (people you follow), and also in searches (people you don’t follow). So whether users subscribe to your account or not, your stories take up space on the social network, which increases your chances to be seen.
You can use the location tags onto your Instagram Stories boost your company’s fame and visibility in local or worldwide. Just like in regular captions, you can include hashtags in your stories to make your business easier to find among other users.

Engage your audience

It is critical to maintain the communication with your followers and to get them more involved. Instagram stories is the perfect tool to have real time interactions and create a real community, more easily than by conventional posts.
Stories make it possible to make them react to several proposals by setting up polls. It’s also a good method to collect information and see what your own followers like (or don’t like).
With the “Ask me anything” feature, you will be able to directly interact and ask them questions – and vice versa. Again it’s an opportunity to learn more about your audience and to build a real relationship.
Finally, you must tag other brands or influencers because it will raise awareness and your odds to be seen and to be tagged in return.

Drive traffic to your own website

Yes Instagram Stories can also bring more traffic to your website by posting content to redirect your followers so shop your products or services. To do so, you can use the “Swipe up” item. If you incorporate it with some catchy call to action, its will to automatically guide them to your landing pages, blog, e-commerce business, …
Instagram provides product stickers too. Users can click on the notification of the item they want and directly access and shop it to your website.

Wrapping up

Instagram stories gives you more freedom and flexibility. If you’re aiming to boost your audience and create a real community around your business, then, it should definitely be part of your social media strategy.
There are much more existing tools you can use, such as lives – they are becoming more and more powerful these days.
It’s up to you to show your creativity with unique and original content by using all Instagram features whatever you’re aiming to achieve.