Here is the situation. You are running a small business, you need a graphic designer for your social media campaign but you can’t afford one. In this kind of environment, each team members should wear different hats. Which basically means that you have to take care of the design part for yourself. But the graphic design notion can sounds terrifying, mostly when you literally have zero experience in this field…  

You need to create professional-looking visuals but you’re not a designer?  No problem ! 

Here are the 7 bests Graphic Design tools you can easily use without any technical know-how. 


   1. Canva 

With more than 15 million of active users per month, Canva is THE graphic design tool for non-designers. This free web and mobile application gives the opportunity for beginners to create professional-looking visuals in few minutes.

Providing millions of images, hundreds of pre-sized templates, icons, shapes and other design assets, it also allows you to create your own visuals by uploading your personal images and logos.Business card, flyers, newsletters, social media visuals, photo editing, infographics, everything is possible with Canva. 

But if you want to go deeper and learn some tips and tricks about creating stunning visuals, you can to their Design School; they will freely teach you through tutorials and articles.

Although, Canva has wide collection of free templates and images, others are cost $1 each. You can upgrade your account to have more features.

Besides all those services, they developed Canva Pro allowing teams to work, collaborate and comment on designs. You can also schedule your social posts, save all your designs, create your own templates to reuse them afterwards. With the mobile app, you are able to access your team templates at any time. This premium plan starts at $12.95 monthly and $9.95 annually.

   2. Snappa

Snappa simplifies each steps of your visual creation  ! 

You don’t need any design experience to create professional content.  Snappa provides hundred of pre-made templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

You can also have access to a wide selection of high quality photos and customize your design with effects, shapes, fonts and vectors. 

You can select the platform you want to post your work on – emails, social media, blogs- and it will resize it to perfectly fit the dimensions required. 

Snappa offers 3 different packages : a free version with access to more than 5 000 templates and more than 1 millions photos. The paid version start from $10 per month and you can choose the Team version to collaborate on the same project with your colleagues. 

Finally you can publish your creation within Snappa or by connecting your Buffer account to organize your posts. 


  3. Pixlr

Some people compare Pixlr at Photoshop but in much more simpler and free version. 

This sophisticated tool is not made for people looking for really simple photos editors but more for those willing to learn photo modification and spend time on it. Some tutorials and blog articles are available on its website if you want to discover more. 

With Pixlr you can freely edit photos, create own visuals at any dimensions – whether for Facebook, Twitter, for a banner or a blog – but also upload your own pictures and fonts.

You can use this graphic tool on your desktop but it comes as mobile app as well; enabling you to use Pixlr Express and to design what you have in mind in few minutes. 

   4. PicMonkey

PicMonkey allows to create social media illustrations helping non-designers to communicate better on their platforms. You will be able to design from scratch but also to edit your pictures, to create collages. It includes many choice of fonts, filters, templates and overlays. 

This program is available on desktop as well as on mobile making it easy to retouch, improve and publish a picture from your phone. PicMonkey comes with a free trial allowing you to use their services for 7 days. You can level up and sign up to paid version starting from $7.99 per month. 


  5. Over

Over, only available as a mobile app, allows you to create simple, professional looking and trendy social media graphics. Intuitive and easy to use, it offers basics templates that you customize by changing colors, the font style, the size or uploading your on photos from your camera. The app separates every elements, making it easier for you to add your personal touch. 

Over is free to download however there are many in-app purchases to make. So, to have access to unlimited features, you have to subscribe to the Pro version for $16 or $106 per year. 

Like Canva and Snappa, the app has an option for teams collaboration. Indeed, with Over Teams, you have access to all templates, illustrations, icons and you can interact with your colleagues. It allows a group of person to comment in real time, to work on the same design and save it as a template. Subscriptions for this service cost $67 per month and give the ability to include as many members as you want – no need to pay for each person.


  6. Pablo 

Available on desktop but also as a mobile application and Chrome extension, Pablo is a free image editor simple and easy-to-use; especially for those who already worked on Buffer. If you want to create minimalist image for your social media, this tool is ideal. For more sophisticated, complex or creative design, we won’t recommend it. 

Pablo provides royalty free images, but you can upload yours. You have the option to crop them at the right dimensions based on the platform you want (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter). Finally you can add texts, logos and filters.

  7. Stencil 

After reviewing 6 different tools to create your own visuals, is Stencil really different from the others ? 

Well, it is different because if you’re aiming to have more engaged prospects on your social media, Stencil is what you need ! 

Thanks to Stencil, you are easily able to create ad graphics, social media posts and images that will generates involvement from everyone. 

To do so, it offers templates and fonts that you can easily customize to include your personal touch, as well as graphics and icons. It also provides over a million of images and illustrations – they add thousands new ones every day. 

In addition, you can specify which social media you want to post on and it will instantly resize your visual according to the platform requirements. Finally, you don’t need to use another tool to put your creation online since Stencil gives you the option to schedule and publish it. 

The program has both a free and paid version which starts from $10. With the free one, you can use 10 images per month and a limited amount of templates and icons. The Team version, at $12 per month, will ease your team collaboration. 


To sum up 

Back in the days, graphic design could only be done by highly trained graphic designers. Nowadays, with internet, creating visuals, infographics and editing pictures is within reach of anyone. 

No matter which types of business you are running, those tools can help you to improve your social media campaigns or even to start them.

You no longer need to hire professional but you just need to choose the right tool that will boost your social media. 

With all those tools, and many others, graphic design becomes easy !