Instagram has currently a growth superior to Facebook. This social network represents a great opportunity for business as 71% of companies are already using it whatever their sectors. It is important to acquire some tips to maximize your visibility.

Create a certified professional account for more credibility

It allows to have access to insights about your account performance and statistics. For example, you can see data on your audience or graphics about your popularity. But on the other side, you must make public your phone number, email and address.

Create engagement with the users

Engagement is the key of the relationship with the users. It means that your brand is capable of interacting with the social media members through for example likes, comments or share. This variable can be taken into account by the social media since Instagram does not show publication on your news feed chronologically but following the engagement rate. For example, you can repost publication from the users of your brand, ask or answer questions to your subscribers. The purpose is to create a close relationship to involve the users. You can also create a hashtag with a motto that people could subscribe.

Present the real identity and values of your business

Your account must reflect the story and values of your brand. You should prefer the quality of your publication instead of the quantity. Each publication must be an exclusive content. Ideally you should publish once per day. Be careful of the aesthetic of your account: a high quality of picture is absolutely necessary. You can also define the theme and the tone of your filter. You can also follow, comment and share similar business and contents to increase your visibility. People could share publication with your services or products.

Share your news

Instagram helps you to inform your clients of your company’s different events such as sales period for example. It is important to take care of the content: we are not talking about a newsletter here. Posting stories is a good way to transcribe your event in live or not, with an attractive way. You can more easily show who you are and what you are doing through this way. You will also look more accessible to your subscribers.

Sponsored Publication

You can buy sponsored publication (appearing on a news feed) or a sponsored story. You can schedule at which hour it will be published and target a specific audience (following its age or its location). The prices are based on a bidding system in CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per one thousand of impression).
Better than a collaboration with another brand, you can call on an influencer. This person will publish a sponsored publication on his account and your services will appear to a wide audience with a direct link to your account. Be careful to choose an influencer which fits with your brand identity.

These tips will help you to find the right combination, it is your turn to create your account!