Have you already seen a button at the end of an article or of a website page saying “subscribe here”? It is used to attract visitors to do a precise action: for example, subscribe to a newsletter, to an offer or a link towards a contact form. Some methods must be followed to convert a visitor into a prospect. Indeed this can be a good way to collect data about potential customers.

1. Find the good format

It can be a button or a banner with texts on it… You have multiple choices, but you must think what is the most relevant for your audience. You should ask the question: Would it be more catchy if you put this banner at this place? You should not put too many CTA so visitors do not get lost. It must not be also too big so that it does not seem aggressive.

For example on the Pimsheep landing page, you can see two different types of CTA : a fixed one in the middle and an animated button on one side.

2. Find the position of your CTA

Your CTA can be static or on the contrary animated. It can be a static bar that is rooted on the website or an animated one that appears on the side of your page. The purpose is to catch the attention of your visitors. You can also animate your CTA, for example once you click on the Pimclick button, a chatbot appeared so the visitor can interact. It is important to adapt your CTAs to all your profile of audience. Also it must be available on mobile phone as today 60% of the traffic is on this device.

3. Text or image?

Studies show that the conversion rate is weaker for a CTA image than for a text or a button. It can be relevant if you want to show your product. You can add an animation so that the visitor understand that it is a CTA.

4. Personalize your Text

Your text can be totally explicit and clear for the user: “Click here”. Or, it can describe an action “try a Demo”, “Download here”.
It is important to conjugate your verb at the imperative form
If your CTA represents an occasional event such as sales, you can play on the urgency: “-50% until XX” or “Only two models left”.
You can also personalize your website depending on users’ location, the gender or following the way your audience enter the page.
Another idea is to create a catchy sentence that will surprise and attract the curiosity of your visitor.

These tips can help you to design the best CTA, you just have to add a bit of your imagination now.