“At what time can I get more likes on my Instagram post?”. Whatever you are on your personal or on your company account, we have already all asked ourselves this question. This is clearly relevant when you have a company and you want to target potential customers. Many parameters must be taken into account that we will discuss about. We gathered these data thanks to Hootsuite.

The seasonality of your sector

Your post will not have the same impact following the period of the year. For example, in the E commerce, the pic of your audience should be during sales time or Christmas. If you are a services company, you can bounce your audience topics off.

The profile of your audience

Above all, the best strategy is to target your audience. First which type of company are you: B2B or B2C? If you are a B2C company, you must also know the profile and thelifestyle of your potential customers. For example if you want to target a teenager or a young mother, you would neither publish the same post nor at the same hour. Thus a teenager will be more available after school while a businesswoman and man will be during the morning. It also depends on the location of your audience. For example, If your potential clients live in different time zone, it can be interesting to choose an intermediate hour that could fit with both destinations.

Best time on Linkedin

Linkedin offered analytics on its app to study your post performance. As it is a professional social media, your pic of audience is evaluated during work time. Monday and Wednesday are the most effective days and on the contrary Sunday is the worst one. In the same time, publishing in the morning seems the best strategy to adopt.

Best time on Facebook

As Facebook is the most popular social media and can target a large variety of profiles, this is also one of the social networks where it is the most difficult to distinguish itself. You could think, as it is an entertainment media, that you have more opportunities on weekends. In fact, it is not the case. The most optimized period seems during lunch break between Wednesday and Friday.

Best time on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most attractive social media. Today especially in the retail sector, it is absolutely necessary for a company to have an account. Best time to post on this social media appears between 12pm and 7pm during all the days of the week, except Sunday. Instagram is the most difficult social network to analyze as it presents many opportunities. It is really important for this media to also think in term of sectors. For example, pictures related to food will have a pic of audience around midday.

Best time on Twitter

Twitter is a huge source of opportunity as you can directly interact with your audience and provide consumer services. Also you must be very reactive as a tweet disappears very quickly from top results. A pic of audience appears on Tuesday and is very high in the morning especially around 10am.

Compare with your best competitors

It can be interesting to analyze the strategies of successful competitors. They have often sophisticated analytics tools that allow them to choose the most effective schedule. You can get inspiration and for example choose a slightly time lag. Thus, you could avoid strong competitors.

This article shows you that the best opportunities on social media are not necessary what we could think. For example, Saturday or in the evening when people are not working, are not really the most effective hours. It is also the period of time where the competition is the highest.