Have you already received a cold message on LinkedIn from a vague contact that looks like more a spam to you? You have here the perfect example of Don’t to prospect on LinkedIn. So what are the solutions to generate leads?

1. Target your audience

LinkedIn has a huge resource of executives with 590 million users. Moreover the social media provides detailed information about the person’s background but also about a company or a job advertisement. The coding system of LinkedIn also allows you to maximize your research and to offer you a concrete content and contacts with common factors. A lead is an established contact that could be transformed into a potential client. But it can be difficult to create a real commitment with your audience and you can often be disappointed by your return on investment. You must be active and develop a true marketing strategy to generate leads. Many business developers think they must gain as many connections as possible by adding people without checking if it has an interest. So you must target particular prospects to generate more leads.

2.Use tools for research

Once you have targeted the profile of your audience, you can use the LinkedIn search features. It represents a great opportunity as you can select different criteria. For a person, you can choose the name of his company, his location, his job and see shared connections. For a company, you can search by sectors or following the employees working here.

Added to this tool, you can also use the LinkedIn sale navigator which was especially created for sales teams. With this tool you can add your list of leads and use further research filters. LinkedIn also provides you prospects’ suggestions, a dashboard of your deals and news.

3. Optimize your profile and content

Your LinkedIn page must appear credible for your contacts. It is important to provide a maximum of information about your activity. Your account must also be active. It is relevant to create content, articles that answer the questions and issues of your audience. Your content can show the different events in which you were involved. Do not hesitate to engage with your contacts. For example, you can like, comment or share similar posts of your contact. In your post, you can tag recommended people to attract more leads.

4. Create and maintain a relationship with your leads.

When you meet a new potential client, instead of giving a visit card that has huge chance to get lost, you can give your linkedin QR code of the app. It is the icon on the right of the search features.

Once you have a connection with him you can try to contact him. Too often people send to their leads an informal message which is only a copy paste addressed to thousands of them. It has no interest to send an email immediately after a connection established. On the contrary, you should personalize your message. For example, you can begin it such as : “Hello (Name), I saw that you are working at (Name of the company)”. Once the client has answered, you need to evaluate if he is ready or not for a meeting. Do not relaunch too frequently, no more than twice a year.

5. Use sponsored content and inMail

Sponsored content is posts that appear on the news feed of the user, without being connected to the author. LinkedIn has expanded the functionality to mail. This option can send to a targeted audience a personalized message. For example, you can send them invitation for an event or a sales promotion.


These advices represent a basic and easy method to generate Leads. It is the most optimized way to gain clients so now let’s try it!