Youtube is a powerful social media although many companies avoid using it for several reasons. For the 18-34 age range this is the most used cable network. People spend their time to watch every month 6 billion hours of video. This score increases by 50% in one year according to the study of Mushroom Network. So Youtube offers many opportunities for your business that you need to know how to optimize it.

1. Target your audience

The statistics above show that you can reach a large part of customers as it is the second most popular search engine in the world. But even if you can reach all kind of audience, you can get easily lost. First you must analyze the habits of your potential customers: which kind of videos did they watch? We can distinguish clearly two types: educational (How to…, documentaries) or entertainment (humoristic videos…).

Extract of the top result Youtube search bar 

2. Succeed in conversion

A video is much more efficient to spread the word than a text. So you have to clearly establish a strategy. Your video must show a message and the values of your company. People now tend to prefer watching videos than reading texts. It is easier for the clients to be concentrated and to understand things when it is a video.

3. Don’t neglect SEO

SEO strategy is also really relevant to use on Youtube. The principle reminds the same as in other social media. You need to find relevant keyword tags linked to your business. Moreover, the title of your video must be relevant and easy to find for the user. Your description should also use as many keywords as possible. One of the main metrics for Youtube is the number of time users spend on a video. Your viewers should not only open your video and closed it immediately, you must try that they remind here. Do not ignore your engagement with the users. It is important that users also comment, like or share your videos. Do not forget to add a CTA to your website. It is a link that you insert on your video under a graphic form (it can be a button, a banner…).

4. Manage your Youtube channel with tools

Many companies think they need too many budgets and capabilities to open a Youtube Channel. In fact it is more easy to use than it looks. With new smartphones you can shoot good quality videos without professional equipment. Many software like Vyond will help you to edit your video. You can manage this social media thanks to Hootsuite which will also provide you statistics. The topics of your video can at the beginning be quite simple such as presenting your business, your product and how to use it…

These tips show you how important it is for your business to use Youtube and how to use it.