Whatever it is, one thing is sure: not taking advantage of social media is a huge loss for smaller companies.

Despite the fact that it’s been proven by numerous studies, you will still find small business owners that are not using the power of social media. Indeed, almost 30% companies do not use them. The profile of those firms is SME. 

But here are the significant reasons why you, as a small business, you should use social media. 

For your business visibility 

Many entrepreneurs think that only the perfect product or services matter to succeed. In fact, you also must think in your business plan about a strategy to attract your customers. Otherwise, your company will fail. You must look after your potential clients. This is why you must implement a social media strategy. It is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your visibility. This “Inbound marketing” consists in publishing content so that more visitors go to your website and increase your visibility, especially on the google search bar. 

You must present the services and values of your company. This strategy is also applied by large corporate. For example, Dove is very famous for its campaign #Realbeauty. It promotes beauty whatever your body and reach the 70% of women that did not feel represented in advertising. Dove was a pioneer for self esteem and no retouch photographies. The brand called Ogilvy, an advertising agency to achieve the campaign. They spent a huge budget but they were elected as one of the best ads in the world and it increased their profits by $3B in three years.

Credit to Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

You do not have to spend a huge budget but you can ask for community and social media management services that fit with your budget and advisers that help you to find the best strategy for your company. 

It creates engagement

Your presence on social media will make you gain trust among potential clients. If you nurture a link between your audience and your brand by commenting, liking, answering to questions, sharing content, you will have a better engagement rate. If you show that, behind your company, there are humanity and values, it will boost your sales. 

Studies also show that it is harder for a brand to gain a new client than keeping a current one. So it is relevant to prioritize and manage your clients’ engagement. 

Increase your website traffic and sales 

You should prefer the quality over the quantity of your content. Patience is the key of success because you must nurture your audience before you succeed in transforming it into clients. 

You should study the different opportunities that offer social media. For example, Instagram is the most effective social network to boost your traffic. Instagram has a traffic growth increasing by 114% per year (from leading social networks to US websites) while it has only improved by 9% on Facebook. 

So in e-commerce, Instagram seems to have more opportunities for your business. Indeed, in this social media, you can add tags on your pictures that are directly link to a product in your website. It represents a source of information for the client. Once trust is acquired you will convert it into sales. 


Today, the competition is so big that you need to take every opportunity into account. Social Media is one of the key for success so you should not neglect it.